Wednesday, October 31, 2007

blacks and brazil

Black Britain: Being black in Brazil vs being black in the USA by Afro-Brazilian journalist, Italo Ramos

In These Times: Can Brazil’s Quilombos Survive? by Anne Kogan is a review of Quilombo Country, a documentary narrated by Chuck D which deals with the modern communities in Brazil which were originally formed by runaway slaves.

Planet Grenada and Brazil
just as long as they don't show the parkers...
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a rising voice: afro-latin americans
brazil's racial history
senzala or quilombo
ronaldo in palestine
arabs in brazil


Anonymous said...

I saw this doc and it is awesome.

bygpowis said...

Good day;
I recently read an article on your site Being black in Brazil vs being black in the USA – A Perspective by Italo Ramos. Wonderfully written. I will be back on your site to read more.

I found something on where a young, black man is trying to document his inculcation into American society from age 9-17. He begins with his first years an a Caribbean immigrant and all he saw and felt about whiteness, blackness and the realities of the American dream. Interesting stuff as well. If you have time, take a look.

The New Immigrant

Dining in America

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Me and James: Down on the Cross

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