Sunday, October 21, 2007

rasheed ali & rain people

I don't know if Rasheed Ali is Muslim but he is a musician who identifies as Afro-Caribbean and whose musical influences extend from Africa to all over the diaspora. I was drawn in to him through an article on his blog called: The African in Puerto Rico: An Overview

To read more of his thoughts and listen to his music, check out:
Myspace: Rasheed Ali & Rain People
CD Baby: Rasheed Ali & Rain People
Blogspot: One Tribe, Many Voices
Spanish blog: Una Tribu, Muchas Voces


Rasheed Ali & Rain People said...

This is Rasheed Ali. I noticed this blog post on-line and I figured I should answer your question directly.
I am very proud to be identified as being a Sunni Muslim.
Peace & Light to you.

Abdul-Halim V. said...


Thanks for stoping by, and thanks for resolving the issue.