Thursday, June 22, 2006

vote nammu mohamed

From: African American Green Candidates to Watch in 2006
Nammu Mohamed, candidate for County Council in Richland County, South Carolina, is focusing his campaign on the needs of local families. "Families and children in Richland County need more than just words from the council, they need action," said Mr. Mohamed. "From jobs to education to juvenal justice, the county has let the people down long enough. It's time to elect a defender of children and families to the county council."

I honestly, don't know if Nammu is Muslim but given his last name, you kind of have to wonder.

It kind of makes sense. After all, green is the color of Islam. And for past Planet Grenada articles on the connections between the Green Party and Muslims or Muslim causes, you might want to check out:
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Anonymous said...

me too :-) i'm Green too... there are a few of us in the SF bay area(like OK three, including Khalil) Muslim Greens who meet once in a while and talk about various issues... Also are you familiar with Farheen Hakeem, she ran for mayor of Minneapolis - got a pretty good number of votes...