Friday, June 09, 2006


Umar's latest post over at his blog Attraction to Latinas and Muslim Inbreeding kind of hit a nerve with me. I'm going to assume the best about the purity of Umar's intentions and his preferences in women (truly), but I think I'm going to side with Umm Zaid and express that for a lot of men there are some creepy tendancies to their behavior in this whole area. Perhaps "fetish" is the wrong word, but there are definitely men who, in spite of being Muslim, hold on to racist stereotypes about what certain groups of women are like and act accordingly. And personally, as a Latino Muslim who occasionally thinks it would be nice to find a Latina Muslim to marry, I'm especially creeped out by entries like calling all muslim men! our dream is coming true! over at avari. It just brings up a really bad memory with me. Since this blog is only semi-anonymous I'm not going to tell the whole story, but it is related to an event I alluded to before in judge not, lest ye be judged... I'll just say that when I see men from "Muslim" cultural backgrounds act badly with women, it pisses me off in a way that only a few things can.

p.s. Just so that there is no confusion, none of the above should be construed as a criticism of Haroon or Umar. I don't have any problem with them, just with the attitude they allude to in their blogs.


DA said...

In my Jahiliya days, I used to date Latina girls a lot just because well... I lived in Tucson! But I've never had a "fetish" for any racial group. It's not that I'm an enlightened guy or something; there's just so many beautiful women of all races, and even after a couple years of self-cultivation I'm still a bit shallow sometimes. The whole phenomenon kinda annoys me though. My wife had to ask me once "do you like me for me, or because I'm chinese?" because so many assholes have an asian thing.

I'll close this one with no bad jokes about liking my women like I like my coffee.

Anonymous said...

I'll close this one with no bad jokes about liking my women like I like my coffee.

Ground up and frozen in little baggies?

arafat said...

Abdul-Halim, thank you for posting this. Stereotypes are always problematic, but even more so when attached to issues of gender and sexuality. I have followed the links provided, and I absolutely stand with you on this.