Friday, June 09, 2006

the subtle racism of latin america

The Subtle Racism of Latin America by Anson Musselman is a supremely Grenada-esque piece which summarizes a lecture by Carlos Moore, the author of Castro, the Blacks and Africa (who was mentioned before in assata and cuban racism and elsewhere).

In this case, Moore discusses the roots of racism in Latin America, and traces its distinctive features to the Arab conquest of the Iberian Peninsula:
The Arab-Spanish-Latin American pattern was far more permissive of interracial sex and incorporating racial differences, but, Moore adds, not without its own light-skinned hierarchy. Moore asserts that racial mixing was a very normal occurrence in the Arab world; socially acceptable racial mixing, however, only goes in one direction. Moore postulates the existence in Latin America of a "racial philosophy of eugenics" that encourages a "unilateral … sexual commingling between white [or light skinned] males and the females of the physically conquered and socially inferior race."

Actually, this characterization race relations in the Arab world puts an interesting spin on some other links I found recently about Muslims and Latinas.

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