Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the one who got away

On the personal tip: I found out a few days ago that "the one who got away" has a daughter who is a little less than a year old. It's weird. When I found out she got married it was bittersweet but I can still honestly say I was happy for her. This time around it's still bittersweet but I think its more bitter than sweet. Odd. Maybe I'm just in a different place. Or maybe it's just me getting sad about the road not taken.

Also, it's funny that I'm getting into this at all because I also recently found out that Grenada is even less anonymous than I thought it was. Anyway... I have some posts on the back burner and I'm still figuring out life stuff. More later.


rabfish said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

thanks i appreciate it. it's more emotional than anything else really. she's not even on the same continent so i don't think anything would change in a practical sense. at this point i'm thinking that a great many years from now it would be nice to sit on the banks of nile and compare pictures of our grandkids.