Friday, May 26, 2006

terms of use

If you happen to be in the Detroit area, you should definitely check out the 555 Gallery. They recently completed a show called Mensaje Latino and their two upcoming shows are Urban Alchemy and Terms of Use. I would especially plug Terms of Use because I know a few of the featured artists (and I'm not certain but they might even put up an image I posed for). Anyway, the gallery is run by some good folks and if you are in the area you should give them some support.


(Actually, the guy posing in the above picture is a pretty cool and amazing artist in his own right named Umi Vaughan. He's from Oakland but last I heard he was chillin' in Cuba, presumably working on an anthropology doctorate. If I get my thoughts together I'll say more about him, an interesting guy. Se hizo santo!).

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Marc Manley said...

Man - was looking at some old posts and I just noticed that you said you knew the 555 crew from Detroit. That's nice. Did you ever drop in at the studio? I hope all's well.