Wednesday, April 05, 2006

conference on islamic african civilization


Saturday April 8th, 2006
12:45 pm - 10 pm
The Fourth Annual Conference on Islamic African Civilization
Public Health Auditorium, Rm. 23
(located on Fifth Ave. bet. Bouquet St. and Oakland Ave.)
University of Pittsburgh

Lectures Include (in order of schedule):
The U.S. Constitution: Reading Between the Lines
An Analysis of African Muslim Resistance to European Colonialism
The Historical Relationship between Muslim Spain and Islamic Africa
Keynote speaker: Jihad Abdul-Mumit, former Political Prisoner, Black Panther Party Member, and Black Liberation Army Member, speaking on "Self Determination"


Leila M. said...

Nice! Wish I was out east...

sondjata said...

This wouldn't be the same organization that hosted the representative of the government of Sudan and has basically attempted to explain away the conflict in Darfur as nothing more than an ethnic conflict?

sondjata said...

perhaps because the founder is "in" with the Sudanese government who supplied (ies) it with manuscripts and "blessed" the institute?

sondjata said...

that claims that the University at Sankore was THE biggest black African university as if Alexandria didn't exist or was not created by Black people?

Abdul-Halim V. said...

MSA/and the Sankore Institute did invite a Sudanese envoy last year to give a talk. I don't think anyone is trying to explain "away" the conflict. I don't think that MSA or the Sankore Institute are trying to justify genocide in any way shape or form.

In general, my understanding is that especially given the current (anti-Islamic) political where people are using animosity against Muslims to justify things like invading Iraq, Afghanistan, possibly Iran and other places, etc. Muslims are definitely going to be sensitive to how certain events are described.

People on both sides of the conflict are "black" so it is an oversimplification to view it racially. If it is an Arab vs. non-Arab issue then that would suggest it *is* an ethnic conflict. Some experts have described the conflict as being more economic in nature.

Wikipedia on Darfur Conflict:
Although the large majority of resultant refugees are non-Arab black Africans fleeing Arab Janjaweed attacks [3], there are also Arab victims and non-Arab perpetrators. In addition, both sides are largely black in skin tone, and the distinction between "Arab" and "non-Arab" common in Western media is heavily disputed by many people, including the Sudanese government. Moreover, these labels have been criticized for sensationalizing the conflict into one of racial motivations, where some experts instead attribute the causes to competition between farmers and nomadic cattle-herders who compete for scarce resources
[end quote]

The act of trying to find a non-religious perspective on the conflict in Darfur does not minimize one bit the significance of the killing.

Silencer said...

of course the darfur thing is non-religious. muslims are being raped and killed by the janjaweed.

"In order to keep the Sudanese Liberation Army and the Justice Equality Movement from controlling any territory in the Darfur region, the Islamic government in Khartoum has employed a campaign of terror in which Muslim women from Darfur are victims of rape conducted and directed by Muslim men from the Arabic nomadic tribes known as the Janjaweed.
This strategy of rape as a weapon of war and social control is having a profound effect on the conception of the meaning of being Muslim for the people of Darfur. A distinction is being drawn between the Islam lived out in Darfur and that promulgated by the Khartoum government. Abnan and Al Tahir, two women from Darfur who have been raped had this to say: “A minority in power uses both Islam and Arabism to blindfold the whole society, to silence any political opposition or arrest human rights activists. On the contrary, in Darfur the ordinary people see Islam through a different lens. It’s for them a religion with its true meaning. It’s a religion and not a political tool. This is how you can understand how a Janjaweed Muslim can be told by Khartoum to rape a Muslim woman and her young girl regardless of Islam... and they too can do it…Muslims in Khartoum have corrupted Islam.”
- Rape, Islam, and Darfur's Refugees and War-Displaced

"The village imam, Yahya Warshal, ran out of the mosque to try to protect his orphaned grandson. Some of the attackers rode into the mosque, where they killed 16 mourners. Others chased the imam into his grass hut and killed him there, along with the 3-year-old boy he was trying to protect.

Before leaving the village, the attackers, driving over 3,000 stolen animals before them, tore up Korans found in the mosque and set the building on fire.

In the village of Sandikoro, soldiers and horsemen tore up Korans and defecated on them before burning the mosque, with its imam inside. In Kondoli, they killed another imam, Abrahim Durra, as well as a second imam and the muezzin.

The story is the same across Darfur, Sudan's westernmost region. In 25 days of research there and among refugees on the border with Chad, Human Rights Watch documented 62 attacks on mosques in Dar Masalit, the homeland of one of Darfur's three main African tribes. Several of them were accompanied by murders inside mosques, often during prayer time. Korans, prayer mats and other symbols of Islam were routinely desecrated."
-The Shameful Muslim Silence on Darfur

"The imam's two wives and Howa, the 5-year-old girl, were kept inside the mosque and beaten periodically throughout the day while some 300 janjaweed continued to kill and loot. Meanwhile, the janjaweed women known as Hakama, a kind of Greek chorus who sing and encourage their warrior men during raids on villages, broke into song when they saw the dead in the mosque: 'The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. The power of al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs, and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God.'

It's a nonsensical ending: one thing that distinguishes the war in Darfur is that all the tribes are Muslim, and their God is the same."
NY Times: If not Peace, then Justice"

Zhivago_M-Team said...

Bismillah, First of all the Sankore Institute is not "in" with the sudanes government. We have bayah to Sultan Hajj Abu Bakr in Maurno, Sudan. Secondly the event was beautiful Mashallah. The brother Jihad (who is now the national amir of our jamaat) gave an excellent speech on self determination for muslims in america. May ALLAH bless increase him.

Anonymous said...

Arab Muslim poets and scholar made fun of Africans, comparing black, Nubian type Africans to apes and condusive to slavery. Muhammad made fun of Eaat Africans he met when he was saved by them by calling them ugly, raisin (nappy) heads, pug nosed slaves, Darfur is a lost cause if Black Muslims don't wake up and see how they have been bam,boozled by Islam and now that they are no longer needed they easily discards them. American Black Muslims say and do nothing. Christians and Jews help more than any Black Muslim. Will we see this mess in America from Black and other Muslims trying to impose Arab Imperialism on us as it was and is imposed on Black Muslims? NOT!

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Dear Anonymous,

I would suggest checking out the blog Third Resurrection which mainly discusses the overlap between Blackness and Islam in much more detail and richness.

But in terms of some of your specific claims, DArfur is more of an ethnic conflict between Black folks than some kind of religious conflict between "white" Arabs and "black" Africans.

And in terms of the "raisin" comment attributed to Muhammad (saaws) he didn't make fun of Africans, it was actually a statement of racial equality of sorts:

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 664:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet said to Abu-Dhar, "Listen and obey (your chief) even if he is an Ethiopian with a head like a raisin."

In other words, anti-Black Arab racism definitely existed in Muhammad's day but he didn't just accept it. Islam teaches against it. And in this case, the hadith seems to be telling people to not let their racism lead them to disobey the legitimate authorities placed above them.

Anonymous said...

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