Saturday, June 19, 2010


Between the PATRIOT Act, Guantanamo, the widespread presence of camera phones and the vanishing (or non-existence) of privacy on the internet, it has been "1984" for a very long time now. But now, in yet another Orwellian milestone, 'terror cameras' (i.e. telescreens) have been installed in Muslim neighborhoods in the UK. Originally the government gave the impression that the cameras were for more conventional "crime prevention" but it turn out that the money for the cameras came from a counter-terrorism fund and the cameras were placed primarily in Muslim neighborhoods in Birmingham. Due to local outrage, many of the cameras are currently covered with plastic bags until more discussion can happen with the community... except about 70 of the cameras are hidden and so were not covered so as to not reveal their locations.

BBC News: Birmingham terror cameras

"i guess, michael jackson was right, you are not alone" (part two)

"i guess, michael jackson was right, you are not alone"
who watches the watchers?
you are not alone

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