Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more on helen thomas

Just a round-up. The first two items make the double-standard faced by Helen Thomas a bit more obvious by pointing out "acceptable bigotry" by other talking heads in the media. The third is self-explanatory. The fourth gives a more comprehensive transcript of the original exchange with Helen Thomas.

Also, just so that it is said in the universe, I was struck by how ageist the original negative reaction to Helen Thomas was. It was more than bizare to me how much those claiming to be responding to one form of prejudice were willing to engage in another.

1. Retire Ari Fleischer, Chuck Schumer & More: Bigots & Hypocrites Who Sent Helen Thomas Packing Now Need to Pack Their Own Bags
2. Helen Thomas – Double Standards Running Rampant
3. Anti-Israel Does Not Mean Anti-Semitic
4. Lazy Reporters, Politicians and Comedians Bring Helen Thomas Down as an Unquestioning Project Cheers

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