Monday, February 18, 2008

mos def & cornel west on the new world order


Marc Manley said...

Great post. It illuminates that open hatred and hostility towards Muslims/Islam comes from all camps, even the liberals and secular/atheists. Maher showed a considerable amount of animosity towards Mos Def and his religion and Maher's ill-researched, out of context remarks about Islam/Qur'an revealed more of his character that I always suspected of being there. I'm constantly baffled at his appeal, other than, like John Stewart, he makes very amusing skits and comments out of very serious issues. Maher also did not hesitate to make some very controversial and in my opinion, abusive and racist remarks about Blacks. Thanks for the heads up.

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Thanks for stopping by... I was kind of surprised by West's positive comments towards Maher but I tend to think that it comes out of his attempts to see everyone as a brother. Yeah, I would tend to agree with you about Maher and Stewart, although for some reason I think Stewart has gotten less offensive over the years... but perhaps he's just made a choice to focus on criticizing the administration rather than making fun of Iraqis.

Even as far back as Politically Incorrect I haven't really liked Bill Maher's politics, but I think he did a decent job of providing an open forum for his guests. Even when they disagree with him, he's generally not going to silence them.

Charles Hassan Ali Catchings said...

"The Black people will come home to Obama"...Wow, we've come a long way. Didn't Malcolm get the ire of the nation for this? Its unfortunate that we've reduced a lot real issues to comedy. Maher wouldn't allow Islam to sit squarely alongside other forces which have been used for coercion. Not surprising. Gotta make his money.