Monday, February 18, 2008

"god gave noah the rainbow sign..." (part four)

I've been recently getting into conversations about Noah and rainbows which inspired me to revisit this old topic. Since the last time I wrote on this, many of the music links have died, so I thought I'd share some updated ones.

First, here is a recording of Georgia field hands singing Mary, Don't You Weep (March 21, 1929) And secondly, here is a clip of Aretha Franklin singing Mary Don't You Weep (which I mentioned before but didn't find at the time). Bruce Springsteen doing an energetic Oh Mary Don't you Weep And finally, the Sessions Voices doing Oh Mary Don't you Weep.

Again, the reason why the traditional song is topical is that it arguably would make a good Noachide/Ashurah hymn. Something which struck me about the song, especially when I first heard Aretha Franklin's version was that although it has some Biblical material not explicitly found in Islamic sources (e.g. the raising of Lazarus) the theological content wasn't positively objectionable from a Muslim perspective so it was possible to "get into it" more easily than many other such hymns.

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sondjata said...

Take 6 has a nice version as well.

Abdul-Halim V. said...
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Abdul-Halim V. said...

Thanks.. oh by the way.. why did you turn comments off on your blog? I was going to respond to the Cuba/Castro post but then couldn't.