Monday, February 18, 2008

why don't they talk about bennett the way they talk about farrakhan?

The last piece on McCain made me want to dust off this link from Slate: Natural Unborn Killers: The bigotry of Bill Bennett's low expectations. My point isn't to attack or defend any of Farrakhan's comments of the past. But what is frustrating to me is the extent to which prominent white polititians can make really offensive comments about Blacks, Latinos and Asians and still be basically okay while Blacks who make racially offensive comments are subject to more thorough forms of exclusion from the political conversation. (e.g. in response to Amiri Baraka's poem Someboy Blew Up America, the New Jersey governor had legislation passed which gave him the right to abolish the position of poet laureate altogether).

millions more marching
al sharpton and strom thurmond
reaction mixed to schwarzenegger remarks
when is a bigot not a bigot?
roger bonair-agard
what if she was condoleezza jenkins?

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