Saturday, January 26, 2008

y tu abuela, a’onde esta?

La Chola (formerly Brownfemipower) recently linked to a post over at Waiting 2 Speak: Y tu abuela, a'onde esta? which touches on and fleshes out some of the gendered hassles faced by Afro-Latinas. especially in the contexts of personal relationships. The title is a reference to a poem by Fortunato Vizcarrondo (which is a central text in terms of Afro-Latino identity and which has appeared before on Planet Grenada in y tu abuela donde esta?)

The author over at Waiting 2 Speak also links to Latinopundit and the more explicitly political post: Barack Obama and Latinos: ¿Sí se puede?

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obama and black latinos
nigger-reecan blues by willie perdomo (maybe it should be nigger-rican blues?)

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Elenamary said...

of course you would have this post! i was doing a google search for links on "tu abuela donde esta" and i loved the link to brownfemi power too...she is awesome.