Thursday, January 24, 2008

heru: live in lagos, nigeria

Here is another dose of Heru. The YouTube clips below are from World Music Day in Lagos, Nigeria June 23, 2007 so it is more reggae than spoken word. It makes me wonder about the relation between Ausar Auset (alluded to in some of Heru's other pieces) and Rastafari (which is usually associated with reggae music and the idea of "Babylon")

more heru on tv
even more heru


sondjata said...

Would you please clarify the question? Do you mean the relationship between Ausaur Auset society and Rastafari?

Abdul-Halim V. said...


sondjata said...

OK. Belief system wise, there are clear differences between Rastafari and A-A, primary being the status of Selasi. But since both Rastafari and AA are about returning to African roots (though I find Rastafari kind of contrary on that point), I think one can mix the two, much like I mix Ifa and Khemetic traditions.