Sunday, August 26, 2007

box-checking blues

Odd moment: I had to go get fingerprinted recently (background check for a new job) and as part of the process I had to fill out a form with all sorts of identifying information. The most bizzare aspect of the form was how the racial categories were set up. On the plus side, the racial question was prefaced with the rather enlightening comment that "Hispanic is not a race". But then the authors of the form contradicted themselves by listing "Caucasian/Latino" as a race! There were also spots for white, black, indian/native american and Asian/ Pacific Islander. I'm not sure where to begin in terms of spelling out how illogical that is. I ended up checking "black" but if I had put more thought into it I would have also crossed out "Caucasian"and then also checked the Latino category.

nigger-reecan blues by willie perdomo
racial jujitsu or the more things change...
how race is lived
are desis white?


sondjata said...

I did a brochure for a college once and did something similar. However I found out that there are laws pertaining to what has to be reported or some sort of such.

Elenamary said...

oh lord I feel you.

The Constructivist said...

As if "Caucasian" is a race! They should really get around to giving hundreds of options on the ethnicity question rather than 2 and then go ahead and allow the rest of us to construct panethnicities (including "white," "black," "Latino," "Asian American," "American Indian," "Pacific Islander," and so on.

That or just agree that race is genotype and force everyoneto take a genetic test. Jeez.