Friday, August 24, 2007

tapping the third root

Sorry I've been dormant for so long. I started a new job and have limited internet access during my "downtimes". Even now, I just have time to share a couple of things. By way of long time Grenada supporter, George Kelly, I found the article: tapping the ‘third root’: mexico’s african history about black Mexicans from the blactivegan blog.


Anonymous said...

i went there after i graduated. there is a priest originally from Trinidad who has dedicated his life to the Afro-Mexican community. He tries to incorporate more African images in the church, as well as mobilize the community. He arranged for me and another Muslim sister (my friend) to stay with a family, who were in some way black identified. It was interesting because the history is very different, so to assume an Afro-Mexican identity is kind of brave and outside the norm.

sondjata said...

welcome back.