Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the ghost of thanksgiving past

I think I'm going to do the "Bob Cratchet" thing this Thanksgiving but I'll "celebrate" by linking back to some old topical posts:

we didn't land on plymouth rock
a time to build an alternative
national day of mourning
american muslim heritage day
in this time of war against osama...
the truth about thanksgiving

thanksgiving: a native american view

buy nothing day


Hood said...

thanks for all the links, I used some of them on a recent post.
Do you know anything about Thanksgiving supposedly starting through an edict by the pope...?

Elenamary said...

I had a muslim Somali friend over for thanksgiving yesterday. I tried talking to her about thanksgiving and she said she thought it was absurd that we were celebrating it. Anyway, I also told her that you two would be a great couple...seriously. She is a feminist, muslim, activist, and she is HOT. You'd love her ;-)