Monday, July 17, 2006

roots in the sand

This is just so random that I felt like sharing. Roots in the Sand is a film on Punjabi-Mexicans in Southern California about a hundred years ago.


Anonymous said...

This is so interesting!

It must have been difficult, considering their backgrounds.

arafat said...

You know this is actually not all that random. A friend of mine from Cali, who came in this past year as a freshman, is a fascinating mix of ethnicities (including some Philipino, and also some European, I believe), but she's predominantly Mexican/South-Asian. I often wondered how that ever came to be! Oh, and she & her family is also Muslim! But anyways, so a while ago I randomly came across the website of this professor at UC-Irvine (Karen Leonard) who does research on South Asian American Muslims, but also on the "Punjabi-Mexican Americans of California". I was totally awed to realize that there was a whole bunch of them!

Anyways, so now this link here adds to the interesting finds (Thanks for posting!). I'm gonna forward it to my friend right now!