Thursday, July 06, 2006

muslims march with latino community - july 18th

As part of IMAN’s ongoing commitment and work with the Latino community, a key group of IMAN staff and leaders have formed IMAN’s Immigrant Rights Committee (IRC) with the intention of forging a long-term strategy to advocate and mobilize on behalf of immigrant rights and to develop meaningful grassroots collaborations and connections between urban communities and issues.

Towards that end, IMAN’s IRC will be joining Centro sin Fronteras and other key grassroots Latino organizations and media outlets in several weeks to mobilize for a march on Wednesday July 18th. Many key social justice issues concerning the fate of millions of undocumented peoples have yet to be resolved and the call for justice, mercy and human dignity must continue to be heard from all our communities. IMAN feels compelled to make certain that the Muslim voice remains loud and clear on these issues.

Wednesday July 18th
Immigration Rights Struggle Continues
Bus Leaves 7:45am-Returns 2pm
From New IMAN Office
2744 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, IL
Reserve a Seat Today!

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