Tuesday, November 29, 2005

harry potter and the scorpion sister

I just felt I should give a heads-up to Sister Scorpion's two recent Harry Potter entries:

First there is Harry Potter which gives Yassir and I a shout-out and also includes a link to the Hogwarts MSA (Muslim Students Association).

And then there is You know I had to go there... which includes a number of links with more commentary about Harry Potter and various cultural/political/racial issues. Some are "new", and some have already been included in the recent Grenada entries on implications of Harry Potter, namely:
harry potter and the last review
bell hooks v. harry potter
harry potter and the magic of whiteness

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DA said...

Haha Hogwarts MSA, classic. Looking forward to the letters from ISNA :-P

Hey, my latest entry is about race and hip hop, so any feedback from you would be cool.