Wednesday, September 19, 2007

two more blogs to plug

After taking a little more time to dive back into the blogosphere (i.e. after checking out The Manrilla Blog) I "discovered" two blogs I wanted to give a shout-out to over here. The first is Black American Muslim Political Scientists authored by Charles Hassan Ali. I would especially want to point to the article I Am Not Alone which candidly looks at some of the racial issues touched on in/by african & caribbean muslim marriage event.

The second blog is On Faith: Sherman Jackson where Prof. Jackson himself (the author of Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking toward the Third Resurrection) shares his own personal thoughts on a number of religious questions.


Marc Manley said...

Salaams, Ramadan Mubarik, and welcome back. Where have you been and what are you up to?

bygpowis said...

Made my first podcast. Caribbean Boy in America.


Click on "Podcast". The whole thing's 29:20 minutes. I know... I know. But if you like me, you'll listen. :=)

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