Monday, May 28, 2007

welcome to mercy magazine

Just thought I'd give a heads up about a new publication:

Mercy Magazine: A Western Muslims' Guide to Reviving Their Faith

Mercy is a start-up non profit Islamic Magazine published by the North American Foundation of Islamic Services. Mercy is a Western Muslims’ guide to reviving their faith and to achieving excellence in both their spiritual and community spheres. Mercy aspires to become a distinguished companion to the active Western Muslim, nurturing the soul and mind, and reviving, reforming and renewing both the Dīn & Imān in its three aspects: education, organization, and action.

They are probably still looking for subscriptions and advertisers. They seem pretty sound. Check them out.

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Anonymous said...

I got a copy of the magazine. It is really both appealing, enlightening and reviving. Diffinitely a unique addition to the Western Muslim magazines.

The Quran Radio Station that they have at the website ( is also streaming really wonderful rare recitations. I personally like to hear Warsh Recitations.