Thursday, May 03, 2007

the hankyoreh

This piece is old but never-posted... it resonates somewhat with the open-souce religion article. The Bible isn't exactly a Wiki but apparently some folks are still willing to engage in some pretty radical re-evaluations of the text.

The Hankyoreh: Scholar ignites controversy over comments regarding Old Testament is an article about well-known Korean philosopher and critic Do-ol Kim Young-oak and his arguments against the literal interpretation of the Bible and in support of doing away with the Old Testament. It seems like a repetition of the ancient "Heresy" of Marcionism.

Grenada's past:
alan moore and organized religion
moore organized religion


Anonymous said...

As salaam alaykum!
intresting post but do you know what have happend to sister scorpion's blog?
When does it return to public or will it?

Abdul-Halim V. said...

wa alaikum salam,

i honestly don't know. to be honest, i have been posting less regularly and spending less time reading other blogs... so this is actually the first time i'm hearing about it.

but i actually sort of know one of sister scorpion's "real world"-friends so I can ask her...

Anonymous said...

I am not so need to know whats up with her blog but i liked her blogging style so i was wondering it!
JazakAllahu khayran for reply!

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