Saturday, January 20, 2007

if al gore was president aka black presidents (part three)

I am still in the middle of working on a series of blog entires on the theme of Black presidents. A few of the articles and essays I've found so far deal realistically with the obstacles and prospects faced by Black candidates. Others deal with historical candidates. Most of the items so far have more to do with imaginative and visionary utopian scenarios.

The following clip falls into the utopian category. It doesn't really fit into the series (unless you consider the fact that Gore served under Bill Clinton, whom Toni Morrison famously called the first Black President.) But the premise is that there is an alternate universe where Gore became President after the 2000 elections. How different would our situation be if that had been the case? Rogue glaciers. Mexiforia. Universal Health Care. Six Flags Tehran. Check it out. It cracked me up the first time I saw it. And note, it is really Al Gore, not an actor.

SNL: If Al Gore was President: (video , transcript)

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