Thursday, January 18, 2007

heading to hajj

Here is another recent piece on Hajj. This time, it is from Su'ad Abdul-Khabeer, a black Latina Muslim spoken word artist and emerging scholar. Her work has already been published in the anthology of writings by American Muslim women called Living Islam Out Loud. This time, her article Hajj Journal: Heading to Hajj appears on Beliefnet. Especially in the context of Planet Grenada, probably the most remarkably thing about this piece is how typical it is.
Allah has basically said, "Su'ad, come to My house," and I replied, with tears streaming down my face, "Labbayka Allahuma Labbayk!"
Hajj is not about being Black or Latino or American. Fundamentally it is just about a human being coming before their Lord (as a Muslim).

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