Monday, August 21, 2006

ignacio/ingrid rivera

I happen to be on an e-mail list where I got a heads-up about a new show called "Dancer" by Black Boricua spoken-word artist and activist, Ignacio Rivera.

I first saw Ignacio Rivera perform...


back when he was Ingrid Rivera...


in a show called Lagrimas de Cocodrilo/ Crocodile Tears. The performance was rather powerful and she genuinely wrestled with her experiences of sexual abuse and anxiety about being a mother. It dealt more with gender and sexuality than I expected. I went into it wanting more emphasis on the cultural/racial aspect but I was still very moved by her raw performance).

A few months ago, after seeing Ingrid, but before learning that she was becoming Ignacio I saw a performance by another Boricua spoken word artist who was also female-to-male transgendered. (Incidentally, that was where I first saw the video for "Querido FBI")

Both performances were intense, personal, and seemed cathartic for the artist. Both individuals also made me consider the question: Is culture is more fundamental to a person's identity than gender or vice versa? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I believe gender to be much more fundimental to a person's identity than culture.

When we wake up in the morning, most people dont have to decide okay, I'm going to be a different culture today.

As a young woman, I have to deal with and fight with stereo types on a daily basis, much more than cultural steroetypes, making me HAVE TO be much more secure in who I am. Not only Mexican, but female.