Sunday, June 08, 2014

wow, another syrian happy video

From the video: "Back in March 2014, Maiko went to Iraq as a Volunteer to help Syrian refugees. She thought it would be wonderful and powerful if she could make a Happy song with syrian refugees living in the camp. The life in the camp is of course, not easy, everyone has lots of burdens and have lost many things back home in Syria But they are not only grieving They celebrate their birthdays, or new born babies, or someone's wedding in the community They always try to have something to have fun with. they are really living their lives. She told them about this idea of a Happy clip, They were so thrilled that they made one.. ;o) I helped them remotely by doing the editing. You can see that they are happy even though they are living a tough situation. Thanks Maiko for your volunteering and your great help. Good luck to all those Syrian refugees !!!! Stay happy, whatever the circumstances."

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