Wednesday, August 10, 2011

imam zaid on the norway massacre

Reflection on the Norway Massacre by Imam Zaid Shakir
...let us imagine that the wildest of the anti-Muslim bigots eventually get their wish and the country is purged of Muslims. Were that to happen, an America purged of Muslims would not be a nation immune from purges. New demons would emerge to take the place of the departed Muslims. Like the Muslims, those demons would demand to be exorcised and the likes of Anders Breivik, perhaps by the millions, would rise up to undertake the task. Before such a scenario unfolds, we would do well as a nation to realize that the demons we need to exorcise are not our fellow humans. They are the demons of ignorance, delusion, hubris and our tendency to continuously ignore the lessons that history repeatedly endeavors to teach us. The sooner we all get on with the business of attacking those demons the better off we will all be.


Ify said...

Salam Abdul-Halim! Love the new blog theme, easier on the eyes. Imam Zaid continues to amaze me with his wisdom.

Hope you're well. You're one of the few still blogging away from the Islamic blogosphere hey day.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog