Thursday, February 24, 2011

on zuhdi jasser (part one)

I've recently started to become more aware of Zuhdi Jasser. He's an odd bird, a Muslim that only an Islamophobe can love. He has appeared several times on Fox speaking against "political Islam". When I first saw him, he was debating Reza Aslan on Fox and was arguing against the Park 51 project. More recently, he has appeared on Glenn Beck's show to provide cover for Beck's suggestion that the Mahdi awaited by Muslims is actually the anti-Christ. A few years ago he even served as the narrator of the alarmist Islamophobic film The Third Jihad which talks about the dangers of a so-called "cultural jihad" (i.e Muslims engaging in non-violent political activity to affirm their rights). He is likely to be a witness at Peter King's upcoming hearings on "radicalization" among American Muslims.

Back in 2009, Jasser appeared on Capitol Hill to give a briefing on the dangers of "political Islam". Rep. Keith Ellison was also present and gave a spot-on analysis of why Jasser's efforts are essentially undemocratic and dangerous (and he all but called Jasser a sell-out).

What is both funny and sad from a certain perspective is that even someone with Jasser's agenda still isn't loyal enough for Islamophobic activists. For example, in the article Where are all the Jassers? Pamela Geller makes a range of criticisms against Jasser and ends by saying "Dr. Jasser, I am not aiding the "Islamists." But it is not at all certain that you aren't."

I'm definitely reminded of the ayat: [2.120] And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. [...]

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