Thursday, October 28, 2010

shaikhs on a plane

I've only seen a few Muslims online reference the Juan Williams firing, but the responses I've seen have been surprisingly nuanced. For sure, no one is gloating. I think it should be clear that the incident is not an indication of greater sensitivity towards Muslims in American society as much as it is just the fallout of a snarky conflict involving NPR, Fox and Juan Williams.

San Francisco Muslim: Juan Willams Stars in "Shaikhs on a Plane"
Imam Johari Abdul Malik: I’m a Garb-Wearing Muslim and Juan Williams Has a Point!


bingregory said...

Other muslim voices on the issue:

Singular Voice

God Faith Pen

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Thanks for the links... and yes, I suppose CAIR must be gloating.

Its kind of sad. At one point I thought CAIR was a really good group doing positive things for Muslims in America (like common-sense Muslim anti-discrimination work). Now I'm not so sure how I think about them.