Sunday, July 01, 2007

turtle island muslims

Turtle Island is a Native American term for North America and Turtle Island Muslims is a website dedicated to the thoughts and experiences and Native American Muslims. Two pieces which I would recommend are Goodness Outside of Muslim Cultures? by Umm Zaid and Burying 'Digging for the Red Roots'. Both really challenge Muslims to deepen our understanding of Native cultures and their relationship to the Muslim community. In order for Muslim dawa-workers to avoid the mistakes of Christian missionaries, it is essential to think about the issues raised here.


Anonymous said...

What the hell do Muslims have to do with Native Americans. Our beliefs are so removed from yours, like Present Day from the Big Bang. We are not looking for Muslims to join us or even have us in their thoughts. We do NOT believe in the Koran or Allah or Mohammad. We don't need you or your kind. The idea that "Islam or die" does not fit in with our philosophy. Please do us a favor and don't say that you are in any way associated with us. We don't need you. We do not come from Africa and as the first people, we give you permission to go where Islam is the main culture. We RESPECT all cultures if they don't infringe on us, which you are doing. Jews, Hindus, andBuddhists don't try to convert us. After 35,000 years on this hemisphere what makes you think we need your help? This was written by a REAL NATIVE AMERICAN AMERICAN. I am a Muskogee (Creek) full blood Indian.

Abdul-Halim V. said...

Anonymous, I didn't mean to offend you. But if you actually read the articles on the website, they are actually written by Muslims who would actually agree with you (to some degree) about how not everything in native american culture has to come from Islam.

Secondly, Native Americans actually do believe in many different religions so just because you might not be Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim there actually are Native Americans who have made the free and conscious decision to follow those other paths and you obviously don't speak for them.

Thirdly, I didn't create the Turtle Island Muslim site but I just thought it was interesting so I included some links. But perhaps it would be more educational and fruitful if you contacted the Muslims (who are also Native Americans) who were behind the webstie and communicated with them.