Tuesday, June 19, 2007

paris is america

An interesting nugget from IOZ by way of The Left End of the Dial 2.0:
Paris Hilton is America. Stupid, heedless, rich but not as rich as she beleieves, unhealthier than she likes to admit, casually destructive, immune to remorse, desirous of consequences for those who cross her but unable to contemplate that she should have to face any herself, acquisative, profligate, manipulative, needy, juvenile, boorish, proud, self-righteous, self-pitying, self-absorbed, and self-destructive. Her brief respite from the first real punishment of her life is the pause at the peak of the wave before the ship's keel falls sickeningly toward the trough. She's not a movie, she's a mirror.


Zhilaal said...

Ooh thats a bit mean!

Apparently she said she's learnt her lesson and resolved to better herself now.

Is that America as well?


Abdul-Halim V. said...

a little bit mean perhaps.. i was actually a little intrigued by the idea that both might be described in the same terms... that might help explain why she is so popular.

arabic_latina said...

Paris Hilton is an architype of what some dream to "be" blonde, rich, famous, slim, young, etc...
The quietude of solitude within the 4 walls changed her way of thinking, her enframent.

When we're stricken by a calamity we finally turn to Allah and Allah says that they call on him with pure sincerity, she was contemplating God in her cell and reading scripture. It'll be a test of sincerity.

May Allah guide her and May Allah bless every single one of us no one excluded.