Monday, March 19, 2007

the segregated blogosphere

Colorlines: The Segregated Blogosphere by Celina De Leon


sondjata said...

unfotunately that article did not report on what it perported to report on. A page and a half on women of color bloggers (2) does not make an article on segregated blogging on race. Why didn't the author interview the author of Planet Grenada or any of the numerous black blogs linked of Blackademic?

I suggest that it is because, unlike many of the white bloggers, POC bloggers tend to not support one another over very petty differences in outlook. Most times we won't even link to blog posts on other blogs even if it is to critique the material. This, in my opinion is a large reason why black bloggers are mostly off the radar, we simply ignore each other but are very very very willing to link out repeatedly to white media news sources... Odd isn't it?

Abdul-Halim V. said...

I agree that the article wasn't very thorough or comprehensive.

And the blogosphere definitely does have a ways to go before being really inclusive.

But I think that the blogosphere is a more level playing field then many other kinds of environments which people of color find themselves in.

I think there are a few attempts out there to create Black blogrings. Maybe if the Negrophile blogroll got turned into a blogring that we could all add to our blogs that would probably go a long way??

sondjata said...

I get quite a few referals from Negrophile. I do think though that there is much more afoot than even webrings(admittedly never been on one). I do think that not only are we ignored but we in large part ignore each other.

I'm probably going to need to make a blog post on this topic.