Friday, February 02, 2007

black presidents (part five)

Just when you thought it was over, something else happens:
For Lack of a Comma, Biden Gets in Trouble

In a recent interview, Joe Biden was gushing over the attributes of Barack Obama and (according to some) ended up insulting every other African-American who ever ran for President:
BIDEN: I mean you got the first, sorta, mainstream African-American.


BIDEN: Who's articulate and bright and–and clean and a nice-looking guy.


BIDEN: That's a storybook, man.

To be honest, this whole Biden gaffe issue is being exaggerated. I don't think he really intended to say that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shirley Chisholm and the rest were inarticulate, stupid and dirty. It is just being spun that way. That's not to say that Biden couldn't have been more tactful... but the comment wasn't as offensive as first portrayed by the initial reports.


rabfish said...

just wondering--what makes you feel it wasn't offensive?

Abdul-Halim V. said...

I'm making a relative claim.. it wasn't *as* offensive as it seemed at first. Biden wasn't necessarily saying the other black candidates were dirty, stupid and inarticulate.

The main statement Biden was making was that Obama is the first *mainstream* candidate. He's someone who has a very likely shot. Sharpton, Jackon and Chisholm were unlikely. Unfortunately, they are considered "radical" by some.

And then Biden went on to elaborate on the positive characteristics he felt Obama had. He wasn't necessarily saying the other candidates lacked such characteristics.