Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a whole new (old) world...

This is a bit late, but over at Hood's blog, Islamic Law, Etc. he posted a narration from the salaf (the earliest generations of Muslims) which reminded him of Planet Grenada:
“Allah has servants beyond Al-Andalus, the distance between them and al-Andalus like the distance between us and al-Andalus. They do not view that any of creation has disobeyed Allah. Their stones are coral and pearls. Their mountains are of gold and silver. They do not plant nor harvest, nor do they work at all. They have a tree that grows at their doorstep which bears fruit which is their food as well as another tree with large, wide leaves from which they make their clothing.”

Just as Grenada/Granada evokes both the West Indian island and the Moor's last stand, for Hood, the passage recalls both Al-Andalus (Spain) and early European descriptions of the Caribbean.

To see Hood's post along with other folks comments, check out:
A whole new world...

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