Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the jihad of imam shamyl

The timing probably could have been better but I still wanted to follow-up on my earlier piece on the greater jihad: a muslim art of war. One section of this hypothetical book would include the thoughts and reflections of Sufis who participated in physical jihad but to be honest, I haven't found a whole lot of material along these lines. I have been able to read a little here and there about fighters with a strong mystical bent who have appeared in Africa and the former Soviet Union but I've had trouble finding their actual writings. (If anyone out there has any suggestions or leads in this regard, I'd be happy to hear about it.) In the meantime, if you like this topic, you might be interested in reading the article: The Jihad of Imam Shamyl by Kerim Fenari which discusses several different Sufi leaders who fought against the Russians in the Caucasus region.

Grenada's past:
so white they named white people after them

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DA said...

Talk to silencer. He's part Circassian and has a wealth of info on Imam Shamyl.